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Luigi's Ghost Mansion was a fantastic mini-game back in Nintendo Land for the Wii U. Since this game will probably never be ported to a new console, I thought it deserved a recreation in Minecraft!

In this game, up to 4 players can battle up to 2 ghosts to see who can come out on top. Can the ghosts capture every player three times before the players shine the ghosts to their demise? Play in 4 different maps with many obstacles and hazards to maneuver through. Instructions for both players and ghosts can be found inside the map's lobby!



This game is only playable with a minimum of 2 people (1 ghost and 1 player). The map was made with multiplayer in mind, so be sure to play this one with your friends!

Note #1: The necessary resource pack is included within the world folder (resources.zip), make sure every player is using the correct resource pack!

Note #2: If you are running a server to play this game, disabling PVP is recommended.