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The unhinged goblin behind Minestrappolation presents: Brutal Sky-BlockNo Wood (Bamboo is your god now.)No Chest (Buckets are for the weak.)No Problem (Nearly every block & item in the game is obtainable; they're just a LOT harder to obtain.)Map Overview (A high-level overview of the info in the spoiler tag below.)


Map Details (Contains Gameplay Spoilers!)


  • The starter island is composed of 35 Dirt, 2 Dripstone Blocks, 1 Pointed Dripstone, 1 Crafting Table, a pre-assembled Cobblestone generator, and a cane of bamboo.
  • There is an End Portal Frame below the starter island, and a single block of Mycelium at the very bottom of the world.
  • The world border is 100x100 blocks wide; this applies to the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. The border does not expand as you progress.
  • The Overworld is composed of vertically stacked biomes. From top to bottom: Snowy Plains, Jagged Peaks, Old Growth Spruce Taiga, Meadow, Flower Forest, Swamp, Jungle, Mushroom Fields, and Warm Ocean.
  • Warm Ocean biomes have been modified to spawn Drowned at rates closer to that of Rivers.
  • The Nether "island" (if you can really call it that) is composed of a 5x5 portal, 5 blocks of Nylium, and 5 blocks of Warped Nylium.
  • The portal sits in the middle of a Lava ocean; if you can get through the lava, however, there are several layers of Netherrack beneath it.
  • The Netherrack area below the Lava sea contains just enough Ancient Debris to craft a full set of Netherite tools & weapons. Use it wisely!
  • The entirety of the accessible Nether uses the Nether Wastes biome, making it ideal for gold farming but more difficult to find rarer mobs like Magma Cubes or Ghasts.
  • The End is mostly unchanged — however, a handful of Chorus trees can be found on the main island, since the world border renders any generated End Gateways inaccessible.
  • A small room containing a Sculk Catalyst can also be found by digging directly below the center of the Dragon's nest.


Blocks & Items

  • All experimental features available in 1.19.4 are enabled, including the upcoming 1.20 content and Bundles.
  • A handful of items have been reskinned & repurposed to smooth out early game progression, as well as make mob farming more beneficial in the late-game.
  • Echo Shards are now Glass Shards. These can be crafted by smashing Glass Bottles, or obtained by breaking Glass blocks without Silk Touch. Four Glass Shards can be ground down and combined into a block of Sand.
  • Rabbit Hide is now Leather Scraps. They're still dropped by Rabbits and can still be combined into Leather, but can additionally be obtained by un-crafting the damaged Leather Armor you'll get while mob grinding.
  • Poisonous Potatoes are now Maggots. Obviously these no longer drop when harvesting Potatoes, and are instead obtained rarely when fishing or killing undead enemies. Maggots can be combined with eight of any meat product (including Rotten Flesh) to create one block of Dirt.
  • Disc 5 Fragments are now Vinyl Scrap. These are an extremely rare drop when a player kills a Creeper, and can be used to craft any type of music disc.


Mob Loot Changes

  • Bats occasionally drop Glow Berries.
  • Foxes occasionally drop Sweet Berries.
  • Creepers very rarely drop Vinyl Scrap when killed by a player.
  • Zombies have a slightly higher chance of dropping Iron Ingots instead of Carrots or Potatoes in order to make the early game Iron grind a little less of a nightmare.
  • Zombies, Villager Zombies, Drowned, and Zombified Piglins have a small chance to drop Maggots when killed by a player (Drowned have a higher chance than Zombies, and Zombified Piglins have a higher chance than Drowned).
  • Spiders can drop Cobwebs, but only when killed with Looting.
  • Wandering Traders can drop Emeralds, but only when killed with Looting.
  • Instead of normal Sticks, Witches now have an extremely rare chance to drop a randomly enchanted Stick with Bane of Arthropods, Fire Aspect, Fortune, Knockback, Looting, Sharpness, Silk Touch, Smite, or Curse of Vanishing.


Fishing Changes

  • Maggots have been added as a rare junk item.
  • Fishing in a Flower Forest sometimes yields a Spore Blossom as a junk item.
  • Fishing in Mushroom Fields sometimes yields Glow Lichen as a junk item.
  • Fishing in a Jungle sometimes yields Cocoa Beans as a junk item.
  • Fishing in a Warm Ocean sometimes yields Kelp as a junk item.
  • Fishing in a Swamp sometimes yields Lily Pads as a junk item (these can no longer be fished up in any other biome).
  • Fishing in the End sometimes yields Twisting Vines as a junk item.
  • Treasure items have been heavily modified, and now have different rarity tiers.
  • Common treasures include Amethyst Shards, Wet Sponges, Cod Buckets, Salmon Buckets, and Name Tags.
  • Uncommon treasures include Diamonds, Pufferfish Buckets, Axolotl Buckets, Tadpole Buckets, Saddles, enchanted Fishing Rods, and enchanted Books.
  • Rare treasures include Turtle Eggs and enchanted Bows.
  • Nautilus Shells can now only be fished in the Overworld as an uncommon treasure.
  • Shulker Shells can be fished in the End as common treasure.
  • Elytra can be fished in the End as extremely rare treasure.


Piglin Bartering Changes

  • The odds of getting Iron Nuggets from bartering has been slightly increased.
  • Piglins can rarely trade the player an Apple.
  • Piglins have an extremely rare chance to trade the player a Piglin Banner Pattern.



  • Dirt can be crafted with eight of any meat product and some Maggots.
  • Tuff can be crafted by combining Andesite and Granite.
  • Calcite can be crafted with Dripstone & Bone Blocks.
  • Gilded Blackstone can be crafted with Blackstone and eight Gold Nuggets.
  • Sticks can be reclaimed by crafting four Arrows of any type together.
  • Leather Scraps can be crafted from any piece of Leather Amor.
  • Leather Scraps can also be crafted by curing eight Rotten Flesh with some Sugar.
  • Leather can be crafted with four Leather Scraps.
  • Glass Shards can be crafted from empty Glass Bottles.
  • Sand can be crafted from four Glass Shards.
  • Redstone Dust can be duplicated by diluting it with eight Gunpowder.
  • Anvils can be repaired with 4-8 Iron Ingots, depending on the level of damage.
  • Bundles are now crafted with Leather, a Gold Nugget, and a Lead.
  • Prismarine Shards can be crafted out of Glow Ink Sacs, Phantom Membrane, any living Coral or Coral Fans, and Nautilus Shells.
  • Prismarine Crystals can be crafted out of Prismarine Shards, Amethyst Shards, and Glowstone Dust.
  • A Heart of the Sea can be crafted with any living Coral or Coral Fan, Scute, and a Nether Star.
  • Each Music Disc can be crafted with eight Vinyl Scrap and one block; the type of block used determines which music disc is crafted.
  • Smithing Template Replication now only requires two Diamonds and six of the required material.
  • Buckets can be smelted or blasted into an Iron Nugget, just like other tools.
  • Ferns can be cooked into Dead Bushes in a Smoker or on a Campfire.
  • Tuff can be converted into Deepslate using a Blast Furnace.
  • Enchanted Golden Apples can be created by combining a Golden Apple and an Experience Bottle in a Smithing Table, with a Gold Block in the template slot.



  • When an Enderman picks up a block of Sand, it will convert into Suspicious Sand.
  • Killing an Enderman holding the Suspicious Sand won't drop it; you have to wait for it to put the block down.
  • Using a Brush to excavate Suspicious Sand created this way can yield any of the four Pottery Shards, Amethyst Shards, Emeralds, Diamonds, Raw Ores, Glass Shards, Vinyl Scraps, Horse Armor, or very rarely a Recovery Compass or Totem of Undying.



  • Advancement trees have been completely rebuilt from the ground up, designed to guide you through the map's gameplay progression.
  • Three unique advancement trees to unlock, each consisting of 50+ advancements.
  • Certain challenges even reward you with blocks & items!
  • Obtaining a Wither Rose rewards you with a Rose Bush.
  • Planting everything you can in a Flower Pot rewards you with a Lilac.
  • Crafting every color of Candle rewards you with a Peony.
  • Obtaining every type of small Overworld flower rewards you with a Sunflower.
  • Crafting every type of Cherry wood block rewards you with some Pink Petals.
  • Shearing Flowering Azalea Leaves rewards you with a Spore Blossom.
  • Killing the Ender Dragon rewards you with a Dragon Head.
  • Obtaining Ancient Debris rewards you with a Netherite Upgrade Smithing Template.
  • Crafting every type of Red Sandstone block rewards you with the Dune Armor Trim Smithing Template.
  • Obtaining every type of Coral Block rewards you with the Coast Armor Trim Smithing Template.
  • Taming every color of Parrot rewards you with the Vex Armor Trim Smithing Template.
  • Winning a raid rewards you with the Sentry Armor Trim Smithing Template.
  • Bartering with a Piglin in the Overworld rewards you with the Snout Armor Trim Smithing Template.
  • Obtaining all three colors of Froglight rewards you with the Wild Armor Trim Smithing Template.
  • Killing the Wither rewards you with the Rib Armor Trim Smithing Template.
  • Crafting a Conduit rewards you with the Tide Armor Trim Smithing Template.
  • Crafting every type of Purpur block rewards you with the Spire Armor Trim Smithing Template.
  • Respawning the Ender Dragon rewards you with the Eye Armor Trim Smithing Template.
  • Killing a Warden rewards you with the Ward Armor Trim Smithing Template.
  • Placing a Chest on a Mule rewards you with a Zombie Horse Spawn Egg.
  • Crafting every color of Shulker Box rewards you with a Shulker Spawn Egg.
  • Playing every Music Disc rewards you with an Allay Spawn Egg.
  • Additionally, there are nine hidden advancements that reward you with custom mob heads — see if you can find them all!


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