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Feel like a simple little survival, but slightly different to a normal world with virtually unlimited space and resources? Then Inverted World is for you!


Inverted World is a survival in which you live inside the core of a planet, unable to escape the bedrock crust surrounding it. You can do pretty much anything you would in a normal world, with loot chests containing most resources you are unable to get from your immediate area. The only difference is the limited space and resources, which you must use carefully.



- an approx 50*50 sphere which you must call your home, complete with custom trees and floating islands

- All ores you would find in a normal world, and in similar quantities

- All other underground resources, such as granite, andesite, diorite, gravel, and sand

- lava and water pockets

- dungeons with loot and mob spawners

- Cows, sheep and chickens for the resources they produce


Map made by Morgan Clasper