Illemana Defense

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Illemana Defense

Illemana Defense by Team Three Quarters

Sage Covert

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The area where the Sages begin their endeavor.

Cave Entrance

One of the underground entrances to the complex cave system below.

Underground Garden

An ancient Underground Garden which also leads to the complex cave system beneath.

Secret Storage

The very secret storage area for the wizard who used to live here!

Enchanting Room

A room in the Sanctuary Base which was used for enchanting items. Unfortunately, it has fallen out of use.

Ritual Room

A separate setup used to contact the Devil himself - who assists in harnessing the forbidden element Infernum.

Crystal Abyss

A giant vertical hole with a spiraling staircase within the crystal caverns region of the underground complex.

Ancient Tunnel

An old tunnel infested with Eldritch. This was used to connect the main civilization to the Temple.

Temple Pediment

This is the second floor of the Temple. It contains several rooms for ritualistic use, as well as a Pediment Shrine.

House of Elements

A place where Elemental experimentation takes place.

Mana Factory

A giant pool of liquid Mana was uncovered in this cave long ago. Pumps have been put in place to extract the liquid Mana and bottle it into a usable form.


This is an underground Forest in the Sanctuary Caverns, a magical place unfortunately overrun by Eldritch.


This is the Sanctuary Tree - a symbol of Magic and life which juxtaposes the unending Eldritch Corruption.