Heart of the Volcano


The humans, who have been at war with the lithians, humanoid monsters made of stone, are at the brink of extinction. As the fight for survival wages on, secrets buried deep beneath the rocks are unearthed...

Map Features

  • Over 11 different unique bosses and fights
  • Several different types of customized monsters
  • Dialogue and story
  • Multiple unique, special items
  • No mods or resource packs required
  • Features usage of 1.6-1.8 updates
  • Hours of gameplay
  • Several tiers of weapons and armor
  • Massive area


  • Adventure mode only
  • Do not use external mods
  • No blocks should be breakable/placeable
  • Do not be afraid of pressure plates, they are part of the game.
  • Always read chat, it will really help you.
  • Make sure to read the in-game Walkthrough and the signs at the beginning.
  • Must be played on Minecraft version 1.8+
  • 100% Brightness is strongly recommended!



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