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One day Eriot the Scientist received a strange invitation to the abandoned house located far outside the city. Why would anyone call from there? Interested, Eriot arrived at the mysterious house in his truck.


Here you in his role will go through this house, visiting corridors, hidden rooms and halls with puzzles, going across ghosts to understand the purpose of your visit.


To penetrate some places, you firstly need to use the axe to break the rotten planks and glass, but gradually you will find more tools for destroying other obstacles.



Collectable items!
Collect 256 item frames to open the bonus level at the end.
Kill 3 hidden mobs to get another entertainment.


Here is the map walkthrough 



The resource pack is built-in into the map.

If you want to play multiplayer, extract the resource pack from the
world (resources.zip) and install it for each player separately!


Well, enjoy the map!