GuGe World: PlayCube

Last Updated: Sep 29, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2


Jul 4, 2017

Owner: hugoalh


  • Original Name: GuGe O' Battle
  • Since version 2.0.0, GuGe O' Battle dependency the resource pack 'Minecraft Language Extension' for translate the multi languages messages
  • The update frequency become seldom due I have not enough time and manpower for doing a regular update


Official website:

GuGe World: PlayCubeGuGe O' Battle is a singleplayer and multiplayer mini-games map, added the mini-games that had not been added in the mini-games server.


Minecraft Version

Java 1.12 ~ 1.12.2

Players Capacity

Depends on the server and mini-games limit

Alternate Spawn Point

  • X=87, Y=87, Z=87 1.0.995 ~ 1.0.999
  • X=64, Y=64, Z=64 2.0.0 ~ 2.0.64

Opened Zone

  • 挖掘對戰|Digging Battle 1.0.995 ~ 1.0.999
  • 雪域對戰|Snowy Battleground 2.0.0 ~ 2.0.64
  • Colour De Lava 1.0.995 ~ 2.0.64
  • 小傘兵|Little Paratrooper 2.0.0 ~ 2.0.64

Processing Zone

鞘翅飛行會|Elytra Flying Club

Zone Introduction

主大堂—國際足球及田徑競技場|Main Lobby - International Soccer and Athletics Arena

International Soccer and Athletics Arena, building according to the real venue size. Oh, you can also play football here!

雪域對戰|Snowy Battleground 2.0.0 ~ 2.0.64

Exert your power, and use the picked item to let the competitor fell to the abyss.

Colour De Lava 1.0.995 ~ 2.0.64

When the television is displaying the colour, stand on the related platform within 4 seconds to prevent fell to the lava pool.
If you played Roblox - Ripull Mini Games : Lava Dip, Colour De Lava will be the advanced edition of the Lava Dip. (Of course Colour De Lava have change the time limit due it is hard to win in Lava Dip...)
This game can enable hardcore mode to increase the difficulty.

小傘兵|Little Paratrooper 2.0.0 ~ 2.0.64

Equip elytra, jump from the helicopter and safely landing on the platform, White = 1 Point, Black = 2 Points, Blue = 3 Points, Red = 4 Points, Yellow = 5 Points (Notice: Elytra will confiscated when fly nearby the platform).


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