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Gather gear, fight foes, and race to the center in this all new unique battle royale map!



If you die in Gladiator Games, you will enter the pit in which you will fight another dead player for that precious respawn. If you win the pit challenge, you will respawn in the team of your killer. If you lose however, you are eliminated! Last team standing wins!

Fight four custom mobs and use two custom weapons in your battles, including a physics-based ball'n'chain! Break open chests for loot, and get tokens from monsters to upgrade your gear to get an edge over your opponents.






-Version: 1.20.4
-Multiplayer only: play with up to 45 players!
-With custom models, sound effects, and textures!

This map was made for the Stickypiston map jam 2021 in collaboration with Wackyblocks and Dominexis, go check them out!

Want to play on a server? Use stickypiston: https://trial.stickypiston.co/map/gladiatorgames2





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Do not reupload this map on other websites without explicit permission from the author.