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  • I. Note from the author
  • II. Map Renders
  • III. Content of map
  • IV. Download
  • V. Let's Plays and features


Hello, everyone! I suppose you're here because you have a nostalgic penchant for retro games... such as one of my favorite games of all time FINAL FANTASY! This project took me a good two months; many, many hours was poured into this and a lot of mountain dew, full throttle, red bull, rockstar was drank. Indeed, I have not just recreated Cornelia, I have recreated the whole starting area and more. I even terraformed the land to resemble it as it were. I used my PSP game and online images for reference. There are several sections to this map, all of which, I hope you can enjoy. Please note, this is not really an adventure or puzzle map, more of a recreational map.

Currently, I am working on a FFIV remake, which is a project 13x more ambitious than this. A full-scale remake of epic proportions! Check it out at www.FF-4.com, or register on the forums and become a founder before release! 

Thank you for the support and comments!

[Click here for a cartographic TIMELAPSE]

Harbor- The harbor was design out of my own creativity and vague reference since there is now CG of any harbor record in FFI. There is a tome shop one one side and it boats the vessel the heroes traversed the seas in and the spawn location. Inside the shop, you can find the scripts for the opening and ending cinematic for the game. Said script is scrawled on signs along the first corridor of the ship.

Sprites- Oh, what a mess this was. At the initial conception of the map, I had originally only planned to do the 4 starting heroes and that's it. Over time, I added the rest of the classes and their upgraded versions along with Chaos, Tiamat, Lich, Marilith, Kraken, Bahamut, and a couple of NPCs such as Bikke, Arylon, a dwarf, a chocobo, and even Astos and Garland. Collectively, if put side-by-side, these sprites add up to 944 blocks long. Wow, and the height would be anywhere from 28-64.

The sprite gallery along took a good week or two because I did it by hand, i did not use WoolSC, and you can tell that because I used more materials than wool in these sprites such as dirt, moss stone, netherrack and even diamond and gold blocks for sheen.

To get to the sprite gallery, simply deviate to the right as you leave the harbor, you will find yourself at an underwater railway. Take that to the end to reach the primary sprite hub. There you will find the stats for the four Elemental Fiends and Chaos (extracted from the FF Wiki) and a walkway that leads to each sprite. The walkway branches off at every sprite to allow you for a closer look and in this branch, you will find the name of the sprite with some information about it. To alleviate walking, I have installed a railway along the longest walkway for your convenience. 

Cornelia- Ahh, the original reason why I wanted to do this in the first place. I have seen several other attempts at this town mainly because it is so simple and rudimentary. However, I always found those other attempts to be ill-suited and did not do Final Fantasy justice. The fact of the matter is, Square Enix has their proportions all wrong. I had to actually make the town wider and longer than originally anticipated to make this all fit and even now it's still small. I counted the steps on my PSP and used a 1:1 ratio, 1 step meant 1 block. Of course, this was too small and I would up increasing the dimensions by about 30%.

Castle Cornelia- I put this off for some time because I knew this would take me a while. At first, of course, the castle layout was too small and I had to increase the size by 45%. The proportions were, of course, off so I had to improvise. There is an interior to the castle walls which has manifested from my creativity because you do not get to access the towers and walls in-game. The interior and decor in nearly exact as it is ingame. I tried my best. The other castles I have seen of this perticular one are much too small. The cielings are too low and the gates do not do it justice. If you have played FFI, you will notice that the perception of Cornelia Castle are very different when roaming the corridors and outside walkways than when out in the world. I did my best to combine the exteriors and I hope you can enjoy it. The dimensions are roughly 100x150.

The Bridge- This was fun to make simply because I went through the same process as I did with the harbor. All I had was an ambiguous image from the world view. I added a couple parts from my imagination such as the interior for the towers and side-ways. On the outskirts of the bridge, you see a ship similar to the anchored ship in the harbor. While their exteriors bear a striking resemblance, their interiors are completely different and I encourage you to explore this vessel.

Edit: The bridge has since seen a renovation adding supporting columns beneath.

Airship- I tried to stay as true to the CG iteration as I could but I somehow feel this does not do it proper justice. I like the outcome however. On the map, there is no way to initially board this flying ship without cheating. You'll just have to craft your own way up there I suppose. Try not to fall off, if you do, aim for the water.

Secret Areas- This, by far, take me a good 2 weeks alone. There are TWO secret areas for you to explore and they are MASSIVE. Take note, however, if you dare venture these unknown planes on Hard, you will die for there is minimal lighting since these areas are underground. To access these areas, try poking around near town. You might find yourself a little wet, however.

MUST READ!!!: There 2 different saves. A Single-Player save and a Multi-Player save. The single player save is the enhanced version which REQUIRES two mods: Slopes Mod and Risugami's Shelve and Modload Mods. I cannot stress this enough, you NEED these mods enabled for the SingplePlayer save to load up properly. The Multiplayer save is all vanilla blocks. No modded items of any sort, that way, you can upload this to your server.

(NOTE: I have removed the need to require these mods to work. They're optional.)

I have also added a sperate project page for schematics. This world save is completely flat and contains:

  • Ship 1
  • Ship 2
  • Castle & Town
  • Sprite/Pixel Art
  • Airship


If you make a Let's Play! for this map, please comment or message me so I can feature it here.

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