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Time to get pushing..

Evergrowth has a simple idea at its heart... pushing blocks:

But things can slowly get complicated as we add more mechanics... like ice, teleporters or (shown here) magnets!

Explore the facility you find yourself in and figure out the meaning of the giant glowing tree at the middle of it:

Map Info & Help I am stuck! 

Minecraft Version

Java 1.20.2 - 1.20.4

Map Settings

Required Setting                 Render Distance: 8
Leaves (Graphics): Fancy
Weather: Enabled
If playing on modded: Turn off Fog
 Recommended Settings                   

Brightness: As low as possible

Entity Distance: 100%, but if you experience lag reduce it

Music: Voice/Speech slider controls the music

Where can I get assistance?

You can either contact us on our Discord, and visit #evergrowth.

To report a bug, either contact us in Discord or make a bug report on our GitHub page. We will try and help via comments - but are most active on those platforms!



Main Map Development

Kyrius- Resource Pack and Mechanics
Thanathor - Datapack and Mechanics

Additional Team

BartTheBart - Supplementary Music 
ToffeeMax - Music, Release Campaign 
miraku_memo - Logo and Promotional Art
Raasdonder - Sound FXs & Playtesting


Please Make sure to credit us for our work!

We make this for free and for fun, but we really need the credit if you use/make videos of our work. If you do, please put the following in your description and also... mention us!

Evergrowth was made by Gamemode 4, thanks to Thanathor, Kyrkis, BarthTheBart,ToffeeMax,Raasdonder and miraku_memo.
You can find more information on the map at 

Doing so means we get the credit and also... feel motivated to make more!