[v0.9.2 @ 2014/02/01]

Escape From Minecraft is a 9-level adventure platformer / parkour map. The whole game/map/puzzle is ~100 blocks long. Each level has a vanilla-Minecraft theme:
1) Nether Fortress
2) The Nether
3) Cavernous Deep
4) Abandoned Mine
5) Desert Temple
6) Jungle Temple
7) Fearsome Forest
8) Creepy Canopy
9) Sky Islands
Each level has 1-2 featured mobs to encounter. There is a rest area at the end of each level, with beds and an instant spawnpoint reset command block button.

Feature Highlights include:
- Emeralds hidden and trapped throughout for replayability and extra challenge.
- Glass front on the whole map, the better for spectators to watch your antics.
- Redstone circuitry, including an 8-bit lever and piston-based logic puzzle (optional) available on the Jungle Temple level.
- Command block functionality, including the whole 9th level teleportation maze.
- An explosive ending / finale.