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UPDATE 2-16-21
From a land rediscovered

A legend re-emerges

Spawned from an ancient event

An impossible reward for an impossible task

Said to make a man's family rich for generations

The legend of

The Dinheiro Incrivel

Within the world of Almurad, you venture to the rediscovered country of Daruma, intent on finding this legended treasure, no matter the costs!




The portal at the Zephyran Academy has lied dormant for many decades now. The events that took place a mystery lost to time. But now, a spirit has appeared, standing near the portal. Bringing with her the chance to uncover the atrocities that took place, and, a chance to redeem some of it, in the new quest for Daruma: Exoneration of the Damned.




On your journey you will encounter:

- Towns and villages filled with NPCs and shops!

- Hundreds of people to talk to, (with around 2000 lines of dialogue!)

- Many side quests! With multiple choices and ways of completion!

- Many dungeons, tombs, caverns, and the like littered across the country!

- Dangerous enemies, monsters, and demons lurking about the wilderness of Daruma!

- Multiple joinable factions, with their own questlines!

- A vast landscape to wander and explore!

- Four bosses to fight and defeat!

- Hundreds of weapons and armor scattered about! From the warped and cracked wooden stick, to a magical artifact capable of severe destruction!

- Lots of custom songs that will naturally play as you explore the world!

- Loot in every nook and cranny!

You have the ability to role play. Most dialogues will have multiple choices in your response, and depending on how you react to things, may earn a reward, quest, or permanently ruin your relations with someone. 

No one is invincible. Should you have the strength and willpower, you may fight and kill whoever you encounter

But not without consequences.




===Map Only Download(2-16-21)===
If you already have the resource pack and just need this


===ResourcePack Download(Aphelion)===
If you already have the map and just need this
  • ===Daruma Multiplayer(2-16-21)===

Link Removed: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4qxzorzyu2qhail/Daruma_Multiplayer_2-16-21.zip/file

Experimental Multiplayer Version. Not guaranteed to work as intended, please report issues

Has all required mods
===Curse download contains both the map and required resource pack=== 








Map and Resource Pack Settings

- GUI scale set to normal

- Moody brightness

- Jukebox/record sounds set to above zero if you want to hear the custom music.

- Music to OFF

- I recommend you use a 32x32 or larger Resource pack, making sure that mine is on top. Some of the text might be misaligned otherwise

- A render distance higher than 16 might reveal things that weren't intended to be seen. So go higher at your own enjoyment.

- Make sure the Daruma Resource Pack is on top. The resource pack has all the music, sounds, and textures.

- Set GUI scale to either Normal or Small.

- Just in case, type: /noppes config font minecraft

Required Mods:

All mods require Forge 
version: Download Recommended for 1.12.2

version: 05-July-2020

Adds all the NPCs, quests, dialogue, factions.

Varied Commodities
version: 15-may-2018

Adds new weapons and items that are used extensively in the map

version: 2.4.5 

Adds new blocks and items that are used in the map

version: 2.6.2

Adds new decorative objects and blocks used in the map


Dependency for Decocraft

version: 1.0.8

Food is not a necessity in the map. You will be gathering a lot of loot, and food would just clutter up your inventory

Improved Backpacks

Vendors will sell backpacks, so that you may carry more and more loot.


version: latest for 1.12.2

Adds tons of configurable options that can make things a lot more convenient. Also adds tons of blocks that are used in the Exoneration of the Damned Quest.
The mod is dependent on AutoRegLib, you must have this for Quark to work




Needed for scripts.
Recommended Mods:


Can show entity health, so you can know how much health an opponent has while fighting.
Also includes a compass, a clock, and meters for the durability of your items and the amount of arrows you have. All of which
can be toggled to display on your HUD at all times.

version: 1.12.2-1.5.2

Super super recommended! Improved Backpacks takes up the chest armor slot, but with Baubles you can wear both
the backpack AND a chestplate. Baubles adds new armor slots.




Any minimap mod

A minimap mod will allow you to put waypoints are areas of interests, and help you keep track of where you are in the world.

DO NOTE though that the minimap may not show an accurate representation of the world. Lots of places will TP the player somewhere else, and the edges of the map might look weird.

version: Any 1.12.2 version

Improves Minecraft's framerate and quality.

Try to allocate 3 - 4 GB of ram to Minecraft.









Music By: 
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0