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After many months of being stagnant, Craftoon is finally back and almost ready for release! Craftoon is a functional version of Splatoon made in Minecraft and a Datapack, resource pack, and command blocks sprinkled in. It supports up to 12 players (8 is recommended) and is server compatible (although only one match can run at a time).

Important note: This map DOES require Optifine!!! Without it, the resource pack will not work. When playing the map locally, each player will need to download the resource pack, which will be included with the map inside of a .zip folder. Optifine is not needed for the map to function correctly, but if you want it to look good, you need to use it! In the future I will possibly update the map and resource pack with a vanilla compatible version, but for the time being Optifine is required in order for the resource pack to work correctly. You can find it at Optifine.net, or by clicking any of the words Optifine on this page that display as blue. These will take you directly to the version download that you need for this map.

How to install and use:
1. Download the zip using the button above
2. Open up the zip file. Inside the world folder, you will see another .zip called "resources"
3. Put the world in your "saves" folder inside your .minecraft folder, and put the resources folder inside your "resourcepacks" folder.
4. Remember, you need Optifine for many of the resource pack features.
a. To install optifine, click any of the blue "Optifine" words above. This will take you directly to the download.
b. Press download, and you should get a jar file for Optifine 1.16.5 G8.
c. Open the jar file. You need to have downloaded java for this, and if the jar does not open with java, you may need to run a program called Jarfix to solve this.
5. When playing multiplayer, each player needs to have downloaded and applied the resource pack, or if you are hosting the world on a server, set the Craftoon resource pack as the server assets, so other players have the resources applied when joining.


Maps and Builds:

  • A close to 1:1 scale Inkopolis square, filled with many small details and things to see!

- The music minigame has been replaced with a music player. I may try and recreate the minigame at some point but that probably won't happen for a while.
- You can sit in the chairs around the tables!
- Entering the clothing shops brings you to a selection of Hats, Shirts, and Shoes to pick from! Each player can select their own, and they don't reset after matches. Keep in mind that some of the shoes lack textures, and will be finished in the next update.
- In a later update, I will unlock the weapons testing room. It is currently buggy regarding match starts if players are in the weapon testing area, so I have temporarily disabled it until those are fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!
- Entering the main tower brings you to a mode select, which for now only has Turf War. In the future this may have other modes such as Splat Zones. Entering the Turf War area brings you to a map and team select room, followed by a weapon select. From there you enter a waiting room to experiment when your weapon while you wait! Pressing the button in the waiting room starts a countdown of roughly 15 seconds until the match starts.

  • 4 maps to choose from, all with unique gameplay, and the ability to randomly select a map between matches!


Ink Mechanics:

  • Nearly all ink mechanics from the main game have been replicated. This includes:
  1. The basic mechanic of ink covering turf when coming in contact with it.
  2. Walls your team has inked can be climbed by your team when sneaking.
  3. Sneaking refills your tank, and puts you in squid form, allowing you to swim through your ink
  4. Sneaking overtop of grates allows you to pass through them, but be careful what is underneath you!
  5. Standing on top of enemy ink slows down the player
  6. Falling into water (or onto map details that are not part of gameplay) instantly kills the player

Game mechanics:

  • A 3 minute match timer, with a note block cover of "Now Or Never" playing at 60 seconds left
  • Stage specific music, also being note block covers of Splatoon music
  • Teams that support up to 6 (4 is recommended) players
  • A score system that is accurate down to the block.
  • Being killed puts you into spectator mode before respawning, with custom death messages for how you died.
  • Maps reset at the end of the round for infinite games.


  • 6 Main weapons, each with an additional sub weapon unique to the selected main weapon.
  • Each weapon has been balanced to not give weapons a total advantage, although each one has its strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely!
  • Due to limitations, only one person per team can use each weapon. We tried it, but there were too many bugs to include it in the release, so it may come in the future!
  • The main/sub Weapon combos are: 
  1. Splattershot/Splat Bomb: The Splattershot is the standard gun, with a high fire rate and medium damage. The Splattershot allows you to shoot shots at varying distances by holding a shot longer. The Splat Bomb is a projectile that inks walls as it travels, and is given to the player upon refilling their tank entirely.
  2. Splatterscope/Burst Bomb: The Splatterscope is very similar to the Splattershot, except that you cannot shoot shots at varying power, and have to fully charge the weapon in order to shoot it, although the shots are more powerful and travel farther. The Burst Bomb is mostly identical to the Splat Bomb, except the player does not have to refill the tank entirely, but is granted two bombs instead of one if they do so.
  3. Splat Roller/Ink Mine: The roller is much different from the other 3 weapons, as instead of using ink as a projectile, you lay down ink as you run, as long as your tank is full enough. The ink mine is exactly what it sounds like, and can be placed on the ground to kill the first enemy player that runs over it. It can be hard to spot if it is placed on your own ink, so try and place it in spots the enemy might not notice it. The roller item acts as a melee weapon to attack the other team with.
  4. Quad Slosher/Ink Wall: The slosher produces a small projectile of ink that travels forward a few blocks from where the player is standing. The projectiles travel a short distance, but use the least ink of any main weapon, allowing for you to shoot many at a time. The ink wall is a wall of ink that prevents players of the opposite team from walking through it, damaging them upon contact and killing them if they touch it for long enough. While the slosher cannot directly damage players, the ink walls can disrupt them.
  5. Longbow/Autobomb: The longbow is a recently revealed weapon coming in Splatoon 3 that shoots 3 arrows made of ink, and that's exactly what it does in Craftoon. The Longbow fires three arrows of ink that spread outwards from the center of the bow, which cover a massive area when used optimally, but consume a large amount of ink. The autobomb is a fun sub weapon that will chase down the closest enemy player, and explode after a short timer. The explosion will instantly kill any enemy player within a few blocks of it. It uses a lot of ink, but can wipe out multiple players if used right.
  6. Tenta Brella (Gun)/Tenta Brella (Shield): The Brella works differently than the other weapons, in that instead of having a sub weapon, it has an extra function added onto it. The Brella works as a gun when used as a main, but can open up to reveal a large shield when used as a sub. This can be good for blocking shots from other guns, and even other Brellas. The Brella gun shoots off a firework, which coats surfaces as it travels, and explodes on impact or after a short timer, damaging all nearby players.



Planned additions:
These are features I plan on adding in in a future update after I release the map.

Minor Update Features -

  • The completion of the Weapons Testing room, which was cut for bug fixes
  • More shoe designs. All of the shoes are functional, they just don't have textures yet.
  • Map settings, such as round time, ink refill speed, ink capacity, and more

Major Update Features:

  • 2 More weapons, being the Dualies and Brush
  • More maps
  • Salmon Run, a cooperative wave based hoard battle.
  • Octo Canyon, Splatoon 2's Singleplayer campaign.
  • Splat Zones, a game mode where the objective is holding specific areas of ground for as long as possible.
  • Special attacks unique to each weapon that charge up as you ink turf.


These updates will come out whenever I feel like working on the map again, but simply put, I need a break lol. I've been working on this for the better part of a year now.

Final notes:

  • PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS YOU FIND. I managed to fix all of the ones we ran into while testing, but if you find a bug, or something you aren't sure about, please leave a comment or let me know otherwise. I'm not saying to expect bugs, but there still could be ones that we simply never experienced while testing.
  • Credits for the MIDI files I used to generate the songs (Sources linked to the name of the song):

- Splattack
- Wave Prism (Curseforge doesn't like google drive links so the credits for this one are on the Planetminecraft page)
- Blitz It
- Broken Coral
- Now or Never
- Deluge Dirge (Unused for now outside of the music player in the hub)

  • Huge thanks to Xokz for letting me use parts of CTM Overhaul in Craftoon's Assets
  • Thanks to everyone who helped me test, and to a friend of mine for helping me set up a test server