Chunk Simulator

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Jun 2, 2016

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WHEN YOU ARE BUYING A CHUNK, INCREASE YOUR RENDER DISTANCE TO AROUND 10+ AND PRESS F3+A TO RELOAD ALL CHUNKS. (This will greatly minimize the possibility of a bug that doesn't let you buy a chunk.)


Chunk Simulator



   So pretty much you're stranded inside a 9x9 chunk box, and have the ability to buy more chunks for 5 levels each.

   However, the most interesting part is that the chunks are random and there's a total of 76 possible chunks that you can buy.




        If you have any gameplay footage, please post it on youtube and inform me! :)




Starting Island


Some bought chunks


 More Information



  I'm not completely sure how this will turn out, I've spent a lot of time making this, and really hope that people will enjoy this creation^^

  Please bear in mind that this is pretty "fresh", so expect some bugs there and here. So if you do experience any, please report them to me immediately c:

  I always try to keep things original, and the fact about Survival maps always being repetitive kind of frustrates me, so I thought why not adding a huge "randomness" factor? To be honest, first time playing this map you will probably really like it, but then after awhile some of the chunks will repeat, and you might already know where all of the goodies are.

  Oh, and three important last facts to mention -

  • The shop is only accessible through the nether portal.
  • New chunks WILL overwrite your already built blocks.
  • This only works in 1.9+

Known Bugs


            Sometimes when a chunk is bought, the button disappears but the chunk is not bought. The reason behind that is the redstone not updating and being pretty much frozen, not rendered.



Have a nice day! [:





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