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Bedrock Wall Survival
Bedrock Wall Survival Top View

This is my first map. This map is an edited Skyblock map(I edited a Skyblock map so I could have all the empty chunks like in Skyblock)filled with bedrock walls as the name would suggest. On this map there are 16 "islands" each containing items in them. You need to get all of the items to complete all of the challenges. There is a nether section. There is no grass at ground level. It's all dirt. The dirt is at Y=40 to stop slimes from spawning in at the beginning of the map when you spawn. So yes there are slime chunks. The huge area lets mobs spawn at night, because there is no other place for mobs to spawn in around the map. So be careful during the nights. This map makes a reference to ChimneySwift11's, Wolv21's, & Luclin's Skyblock & Skyblock Ultimate Series. & There is a reference to ChimneySwift11's "The Minecraft Files". In the 2.0 Version there are references to ChimneySwift11's "The Rise of EnderSwift" series


  • Do not use mods(see below).
  • Do not make a bridge to the mainland.(unless you have completed EVERY single challenge listed(MUST ALSO complete all the "[Version of Minecraft you're playing on] Extra Challenges" too! Ex.: If you're playing the map on the 13w01a weekly snapshot, you must complete all the normal challenges & all the extra challenges for 13w01a & before.)
  • Play on at least Easy difficulty.


You can't use any mods or hacks expect
However, there are some mods that are fine for you to use:
- Mods that let you chop trees at the base (Like Terraria trees)
- Mods that make Endermen not pick up blocks.
- Mods that make your hand-held torch give light.(Ex.: Dynamic Lights mod)
- Mods that don't affect the gameplay. (Graphic tweaks, UI tweaks, etc.)(Ex.: Optifine, Shader mods, Water Shader mods, Mods used in MCPatcher for Texture Packs)
- You can use KaboPC's ShowMonsters to help you with building mob farms.
- You can also use apoc NFBBOutline mod.
- You can also use the combine version of the two above mods "ShowMonsters + NFBBOutline"
(If you have questions on whether if a certain mod can be used on the map, comment in the comment section whether or not the mod can be used on the map & tell me what the mod is too.)
(If you think a certain mod that's not allowed on the map should be allowed on the map, comment in the comment section what the mod is & why. I'll try to play the map with the mod on & see if should be allowed or not.)
A list of ALL(& a more up to date list of)mods that you are allowed to use are on the Minecraft Forum Page. Page is Here


Click here for all the challenges!!!
More(&up to date)Challenges here too!!!

Different Versions of the Map:

The map has 3 versions of the map. There are 2 versions of the 1.0 version of the map. There is also 1 version of the 2.0 map which also features a completed Nether section.

1.0 versions of the map:

  1. 1.3.2 version of the map
    Link to map: Click here
  2. 12w38a+ version of the map(a pre-1.4,post-1.3 version of the map, added Carrots & Potatoes to the map)
    Link to map: Click here

2.0 version of the map:

  1. 13w01a+ version(WARNING:You CAN'T use any version of Minecraft that's 1.4.7 or before! You NEED the 1.5 weekly snapshots or 1.5 or after to play on the map or you will be missing items & cause some bugs & even crashes to happen while playing)
    Link to map: Click here
    Link to map(Most Updated one): Click here

Minecraft Forum Page

The Official place for updates on this map!!!
Link to the Minecraft Forum Page: Click here

To Do List:

Stuff I still have to do for the map or Stuff I would like to add to the map.
Link: Click here
Link(Most Updated one): Click here

Getting to the First Island: