Astronomical Survival


Astronomical Survival PC Edition is a survival, skyblock type map transferred from my MCPE map. You're in space and have to survive by exploring the 6 surrounding planets. All the planets have cores, minerals, and have there own unique qualities. There are minimal rules and there's a to do list.



- Survive like normal

- Get materials from exploring the 6 planets

- You can mine any item from any world, even spawn.

- Can play in multiplayer


To Do List (optional):

- Kill any mob

- Craft all tools

- Make a base or house

- Mine all ores

- Farm all Crops

- Build a Nether Portal

- Make a building on all planets

- Make your own platform or planet

- Destroy any planet

- Kill your self by jumping into The Sun


That's it. If you like it then sent me a tweet on your opinion and sent a tweet with a picture of your Favorite planet and the building on it.


My Twitter: @ThyRetroNerd






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