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We all love building awesome structures and maps, which is exactly why we have created a map of our own! It’s time to roam the streets and beaches in Florida. Our team at Apex Hosting has created a near-perfect replica of the Miami Beaches, Lummus Park, and Ocean Drive. This spectacular build includes hotels, museums, an outdoor gym, volleyball courts, beach with lifeguard stands, and so much more!

This map was created for Minecraft 1.12.2, but it will work just fine on any newer version as well! The structures and size of this map should be close to a scale model of the actual buildings.

You can find this build live on our test server ( Join the server and experience your own virtual vacation in Florida! Walk around the streets, check out the beaches, find the museums, and enjoy.

Feel free to download the map and check it out on your own singleplayer world or server. You can find more information and pictures of the map here:

If you are interested in a Minecraft Server, check out our plans here!