An Unforgettable Adventure #3 Back Through Time


The beta version of "An Unexpected Adventure 3#: Back Through Time" Is Finally Here! Based off the book "An Unexpected Adventure 3#: Back Through Time" this game doesn't give away any story. It mainly shows some of the concept the game will have. I tried to pack all the features into 1 area, so it is a little overwhelming. I had to leave out some things though. When you complete this demo, please comment on the pros and cons about this game. The next version will come out with 4 other areas, So please be patient! This map requires mods, but it is worth it! Also check out my channel at . I will put the mod links and the download for the map down below. Enjoy! :lol: 

Custom Npcs:

Mine & Blade Battlegear 2 Mod:

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