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Zinkenite Mobs is a resource pack that changes mob models. It changes a lot of mobs but keeps the vanilla feel in it. For example it changes the Creeper, Enderman, Sheep, Cow, Skeleton, Spider, Pig, Chicken, and more. It adds biome dependent texture for mobs such as the skeleton and random textures for mobs like chickens and zombies.


-Optifine is needed for it to work correctly-

-An alternative is using Entity Model Features and Entity Texture Features

-If its not working turn on custom entity models in settings-





-New Enderman model

-New Creeper model (1 in 200 chance to get a Golden Creeper)

-New Skeleton model (w/biome dependent and random textures)

-New Spider model (w/biome dependent textures)

-New Cave Spider model

-New Cow model (w/biome dependent and random textures [inspired by Minecraft Earth])

-New Pig model (w/random textures [inspired by Minecraft Earth])

-New Sheep model

-New Chicken model (w/random textures)

-Random Wandering Trader textures

-New Wither model

-New Ender Dragon model

-New Blaze model

-New Squid model (w/random textures)

-New Guardian/Elder Guardian model (spikier spikes)

-New Stray model

-New Drowned model (w/random textures)

-Random Iron Golem textures

-Random Tamed Dog textures (Normal, Border Collie, Golden Retriever, and Husky textures)

-Random Turtle textures

-Random Dolphin textures (1 in 10 dolphins are pink)

-New Glow Squid model


 -If you have any bugs or suggestions please tell me in the comments-






Improved Creeper


Improved Enderman


Improved Skeleton


Improved Spider

 Farm Animals:

Improved Animals

 Ender Dragon:

Improved Ender Dragon


Improved Blaze


Improved Wither

 Tamed Wolves:

Improved Tamed Dogs


Improved Turtles


Improved Squid

 Glow Squid:



The creeper was inspired by Overgrowth.

The cow and pig variants were inspired by Minecraft Earth

Zinkenite Mobs title font made with Textcraft