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Brighter, smoother and more versatile.




More square texture. Remove the ambiguity of a large number of arc pixels in the vanilla version.

 Including GUI no longer has rounded corners. 


2.Texture combination:

Texture of automatic combination but no mods are required, neither need optfine.

A large number of texture combination can be achieved in the vanilla version.

Almost all double slabs have unique textures.


3.Exquisite model.

Torches and lanterns have fine models.

Partially inverted stairs have special models.

Three kinds of anvils with different degrees of damage are different models.


4.Complete and beautiful redstone display.

Energy display for redstone wire. 

The orientation and type of these blocks can be seen on any side: dropper, dispenser, hopper, piston and sticky piston.

On any surface it can be seen whether the furnace is burning or not.

Note block  instruments and pitch display.