Support for 75+ popular modsAs of January 2022, this pack supports over 700 modded entities!



  • Xaero's Minimap
  • Any of the mods from the lists below. You do not need all of the mods for this pack to work.


This pack aims to add icons for mobs from a variety of mods to Xaero's Minimap. Where possible, I have used the model-based rendering API created by xaero96, and provided simple configurations to display mob icons. For mobs not supported by this system, I have created sprites instead. I've tried to keep these sprites as close to the artistic style of each mod as I can, while making sure they fit in with other icons on the minimap (e.g. they are not too large/small).


Mods Supported

All mobs from these mods have icons, including support for variants in some cases. If you come across a mob from one of these mods without an icon, please let me know!





In Progress

Some mobs will have icons, but not all. I may be planning to revisit/replace some icons in the future.



Some examples:

Aquaculture 2 icons

Aquaculture 2

Eidolon icons


Druidcraft icons




If you would like to request support for a specific mod, please submit an issue on the GitHub page. I will try to respond to all requests. Please keep in mind that some mods may contain lots of mobs, so it can take me a while to implement support for these.


I am not affiliated with xaero96 or the creators of the mods above in any way. This is a fan-made pack and a WIP (work in progress). I will try to add as support to as many mobs as I can and improve them as I go along. Feel free to provide feedback! :)