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Weaponry++ is a resource pack that adds 3D models for swords and also other weapons from the mod Spartan Weaponry. If you don't play with mods but use OptiFine, you can rename your sword in an anvil for a custom 3D skin! There are currently over 40 models and counting.

Rename your sword to any combination of these below:

  • Materials: Wooden Stone Golden Iron Diamond Netherite Copper Bronze Electrum Invar Lead Nickel Platinum Silver Steel Tin
  • Weapons: Sword Pike Spear Glaive Quarterstaff

Certain materials can be skinned only to materials of a similar quality (example: Diamond -> Electrum, Platinum; Iron -> Bronze, Copper)


Not all weapons have been modeled yet. I have plans to add more models and skins in the future - I don't know when the next update comes out, I prefer to do quality over quantity.