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About this Pack: 


This pack requires Optifine! I also have a few versions available for Dorianpb's CEM mod, but ravagers are not yet able to be changed in that version. (Why is the link text so small on the page...??? It looks different when I go to edit it. WYSIWYG is not living up to it's name. TT__TT) 


Village of Pigs is a resource pack that changes the appearance of villagers, illagers, witches, wandering traders, iron golems, and ravagers. There is no sound replacement in this pack. 


The new models were created and textured by me in Blockbench & Procreate, but all clothing featured is simply modified from the original Minecraft textures to fit the new models. 


About these Pigs: 


I created this resource pack out of a desire to remove villagers from the game, but to replace them with something that still felt like it could’ve been part of vanilla Minecraft. Along the way, I came up with a little bit of lore for these characters to support the idea: 


The pig creatures featured in this resource pack are named Boarlins! They evolved from Overworld-Resistant Piglins, and have developed fatter bodies covered with a thick, short layer of fur to help them handle the cooler temperatures of the Overworld. 


Boarlin villagers are a peaceful people who have found ways to coexist with their environment they never could have achieved in the Nether. Boarlin illagers take offense to this, expressing it by shaving their fur and growing out their tusks to more closely resemble their Piglin cousins, and attacking any villages they see. They view the Overworld as a dimension to be conquered.



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