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VanillaFix v3.2

Some things I've 'fixed' in the new and old textures include:

  • - Texture stitching on tools, weapons, and other various items.
  • - Furnace now has fire animation.
  • - 3D blocks, ladders, stonecutter, vines, doors, trapdoors, etc..
  • - Added colorful rainbow XP bar.
  • - Replaced the dirt menu background with obsidian.
  • - Animated some handheld items such as campfires, water and lava buckets, various fish buckets, and more!
  • - Animated some other blocks!
  • - Made grass a little bit shorter.
  • - Made purple enchantment affect more colorful.
  • - Added color to when you put a pumpkin on your head.
  • - Made shadows higher resolution.
  • - Higher resolution vignette.
    - Seemless connected bookshelf texture.

And so much more!

Please note that some textures may not work below version 1.14.