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14,846 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 17, 2017 Game Version: 1.12


This pack requires Optifine to be downloaded in order to work, you can download it ►HERE◄

Vader's Stacked Items Pack is a unique resource pack that uses Optifine features to give stacked items different textures dependent on the amount in the stack. This pack also gives enchanted books different textures depending on the enchantment it has. Currently there's just a little over 225 textures across 80 items to create the pack, I plan to add more to the pack over time.

Contribute to the pack
Although I've added a lot to this pack already, I would like to make this pack even bigger than it is with your help. If you are good with textures and would like a chance to add stacked items textures into the game, submit them to me via PM and I'll see about adding it to the pack. Please make sure that any texture you send me fits with the default Minecraft textures, I would like to stick as close to that style as possible. You of course will be credited for your contributions. Thank you :)


Send in your suggestions
If you want to help the pack but are no good with making textures, no problem! If you have an idea of what you would like to see in the pack you can give a detailed suggestion and I may add it to the pack.

Donate through Paypal
You can donate to the pack via Paypal if you'd wish to. Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

1. Vaderman24 - 246 Textures

If you love my projects, maybe consider donating some snack money so I can continue making things for a long time to come? Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, even just downloading the pack and giving me feedback motivates me to continue updating :) 

If you're interested in donating, you can do so via Paypal.

Thank you to the following people for their donations!                                  

[First donor] VasilisGR
[Top donor] gtxVel
[Resent donor] Carly Molyneux

1. gtxVel - $10.00
2. Niklas Freidwall - $10.00

3. Carly Molyneux - $5.00
4. VasilisGR - $3.00

You may;

1.) Use this pack for personal pack remixes, alters, and edits 
2.) Use this pack on your server 
3.) Use this pack for server pack remixes, alters, or edits 
    3a.) Host your pack somewhere in order to use it on your server if needed 
4.) Use this pack in videos, images, or other forms of media (Please provide credit to the pack if able!)

You may not;

5.) Re-upload this pack somewhere else 
6.) Claim textures from this pack as your own 
7.) Redistribute assets from this pack without permission and credit 
8.) Redistribute edited assets from this pack without credit 

• Will you be making a 32x32 version of the pack in the future?
- Yes, I will be making a Faithful version of the pack sometime in the future. There really isn't an exact time as to when it will be done.

• Why isn't the pack working for me?!
- If the pack isn't working for you, make sure you try the following;

~ The pack uses Optifine, so make sure you have it downloaded and selected along with the pack. If you already have Optifine installed and it's still not working, try updating it. If it still doesn't work after updating, make sure you have the "Custom Items" feature enabled, located in; Menu>Options>Video Settings>Quality>Custom Items


• I made some textures and want to send them to you! How do I do that?
- You can start by downloading a zipping program like 7Zip, or Winrar. Once you have one of those installed, make a new zip file and put all the textures you want to send to me in it. Then upload it to a file hosting site such as  Link Removed: , or Dropbox. Once your upload is complete, copy your download files url and send it to me though a private message with some info on what you sent me. Please note that I do take a look at everyone's textures and do take them into consideration. Some may not be added, some might be added throughout later versions of the pack, and sometimes they may be removed from the pack.

• I really enjoy using this pack, what can I do to show my support?
I'm glad you like using my pack! There are a few things you could do to show your support such as;

~ Keeping up with the latest version of the pack weather it be downloading, commenting, or general feedback. Following me on Twitter is an easy way to do this!

~ Submitting some of your own textures to the pack for them to be possibly included in future versions of the pack.
~ Commenting some suggestions on what you like, don't like, or would like to see in the pack.
~ Donating to the pack through Paypal.



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