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UltimaCraft is a resource pack which improves the perception of the game, adds convenience to the gameplay and lots of usefull features.

Optifine is required!


Features list:

- custom models of doors, trapdoors, iron bars, campfires, rails etc.;
- fixes of vanilla textures & models;
- banch of animated textures (mostly item textures);
- varianted blocks and plants.

Optifine features list:
- better grass support;
- connected textures models (ctm);
- block overlays (when block connecting to other block);
- enhanced environment in biomes, custom plants (cattails, flowers on grass) and colors (autumn birch forest & pink birches in flower forest);
- visual fish buckets and crossbow charges;
- custom entity models: chests, shulkers & beds;
- emissive textures.

Mod Support

 Biomes O` Plenty Mod:   Biomes O' Plenty - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge

Support Me


Add-ons list:
- UltimaCraft PBR;

- UltimaCraft Mobs;
- UltimaCraft Leaf;
- UltimaCraft Interface;
- UltimaCraft Models;
- UltimaCraft Enchantments;
- UltimaCraft HR.


© You can use the UltimaCraft resource pack publicly, but you cannot claim it as your property.