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Brief History:

This pack was created by Tyken132, a youtuber, who created this as a remix of Gerudokus original pack which was derived from Dokucraft an RPG pack. However, Tyken recently felt that he was no longer able to keep up with the latest update, so he was going to discontinue it. Thats when I pm`ed him, and asked for his permission to update the pack. With his blessing and help, I intend to fully continue this great pack as long as I can.


Can I add/remove textures in this pack?

Sure, you are more than welcome. If you feel your textures are good enough, send them to me, and if they are indeed better than mine (Which is most probably the case :P) I`ll add them to the pack and credit you.

Can I distribute/make profit off this pack?

NO. In no way or form are you allowed to use this pack for monetary purposes, and or distribute it without my permission. If you want to use it in a youtube video feel free, but please link in the description.

If you have any more questions, go to the forum post which is found here


I have an imgur album where I post screenshots of they work I am doing/spoilers. To keep up to date check it often. 


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Minecraft: 1.13.2 Tydoku: 1.13.2 Beta


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