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High resolution with POM or normal maps and some specular labPBR support. 


The Minecraft mobs have been released separately and have three resolution levels available, 256x512x and 1024x.  Use the resolution that best fits your needs and be sure to have the mobs pack above the base pack.  Some entities get replaced with the higher resolutions. 


Optifine is recommended as well. Currently Optifine crashes when using shaders and certain resourcepacks, this one included.  The workaround until it's fixed is detailed here https://github.com/sp614x/optifine/issues/5918


Over 95% of the textures are done except for glazed terracottas and a few random textures. 

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No Redistribution. For personal use only, with the following exceptions:

Using 2000 Leagues in screenshots and videos (including monetized) is allowed and encouraged.