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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Use the "Improved Leaves & Foliage" addon I created for the bushy leaves, some cattails, lilypad variants, and algae!


Please use OptiFine (not required)! Make sure Connected Textures and Graphics are on Fancy. This resource pack works for all versions above 1.13+, currently completely supported for 1.18.1. Here's what you don't get without OptiFine:

- The new husky variant in snow biomes instead of having a normal wolf
- Iron block textures w/ connected textures
- Overlay textures (textures that bleed into eachother, pic in images)
- Enchant-Based textures (Swords have a unique texture with Looting or Sharpness)



Thanks for checking this out! This resource pack is all about making the game feel and actually greener and the Ocean brighter, by changing the color maps of the game, adding grass & flower variants, bushy trees, and far more features!

Here's a full list of features:

- Crimson Stem & Planks textures
- Crimson Root variants
- Nether Sprouts variants
- Warped Fungus textures
- Lily Pad textures
- Netherite Tool textures (from Toxteer/Reddit)
- Quieter portal sounds
- Iron block texture w/ connected textures (requires optifine)
- Colormaps to make grass vibrant
- Makes a new water texture that makes water much brighter and vibrant
- Adds overlay textures for grass, dirt, sand, and gravel (textures that bleed into eachother, requires optifine)
- Adds Variants in grass & flowers
- Adds Grass, Dirt, Coarse Dirt, and Path textures
- Adds Coarse Dirt variants
- Adds better textures for all logs & planks
- Darker acacia logs
- Adds textures for planks
- Adds Wolf textures and Husky variant that spawn in snow biomes (optifine required)
- Adds new hunger bar, crosshair, and xp bar
- Cleaner look for swords and tools
- Adds enchantment-based textures for Swords
- Textures for swords that have Sharpness or Looting
- Adds log textures to fences (except for birch & jungle fences)
- Better stripped log textures
- Farmland side dirt is now darker


I heavily modified "Improved Netherite"s textures by Toxteer. It can be found here