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The Scribblenauts Pack is a pack based on the popular 2D puzzle game "Scribblenauts" The textures are inspired by the cartoony look and feel of the game, while keeping the creative feel of Minecraft. Everything has been textured; items, blocks and mobs all have been perfectly replicated from their 2D counterparts.


Some Features include:

  • Custom Music
  • Random Mob textures*
  • Custom Font
  • Connected Textures for Glass and Bookshelves*
  • Random Textures for blocks*
  • Animated textures for Blocks, items and paintings*
  • A custom skybox for both day and night*

(*These features require either MCPatcher or Optifine to function.)


Unlike many Resource packs, this pack was not created by one single person, but rather by a team of contributors. No matter how small the contribution, they all helped in making the pack what it is today.


Here are the people who have contributed:

• SirMelty
• MineDackel
• Harbingernaut2
• Drazile12
• Spiderking1008