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Welcome to The Hideout! Just a chill and friendly server where artists, software devs, musicians and anyone else
may come to hang out or advertise their work to boost their platform. With dozens of customization roles to express
yourself, hundreds of emojis, game bots, weekly events, and even our own 24/7 Minecraft server.
Hope to see you around~   Stitch's Hideout Invite: https://discord.gg/wcmxjtV


There's been many Terraria texture packs in the past, but many efforts seemed to rip
textures and pasted bluntly into Minecraft, often left feeling incomplete and lacking any consistency.
My goal is to create a resource pack that almost re-creates Minecraft, You may even occasionally
forget you're using a resource pack and feel like you're using a whole mod at times too! If you'd like
to contribute any suggestions, or thoughts you may on the official Discord. On there I post
screenshots, announcements and polls. Hope to see you there!

Up-to-date info and progress is
also available on the official discord.

(Still highly suggested though)


~67% Complete for 1.16
(Does not include extra OptiFine additions)
1.17 is supported, but most content wont

be textured until I'm caught up with 1.16.


Credits go to Re-Logic and Mojang for greatly inspiring
this resource pack, and making such amazing games.