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Technoblade Pig


Technoblade Pig is a simple Entity Model Resource Pack that gives all pigs the same crown as Popular Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade's.


Custom Entity Models Is Required for this resource pack.


You can use Optifine or a separate mod that that uses Optifine's Custom Entity Models (CEM) feature called Custom Entity Models, but since the CEM mod doesn't have a feature that adjusts the entity parts (Head, Body, Legs, .etc), a separate version of Technoblade Pig is needed for the CEM mod or else the pig body will be at a 90 degree angle (Which was how the creeper was born!).


There are 2 Versions of this pack:


1. Optifine - use this if your are using Optifine.


2. CEM - use this if you are using the separate Custom Entity Models mod.


This pack was made to commemorate Technoblade and his family after cancer took away his life


Rest In Peace Technoblade.