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This resource pack adds 65 unique hats to your Minecraft experience! All you need to do is get yourself a carved pumpkin, take it to an anvil and rename the carved pumpkin to the hat of your choice making sure you use all lower case. This pack also removes the carved pumpkin blur effect put over your vison for the hats as well as regular carved pumpkins in the game.


Will not be updating for the foreseeable future. Please continue to enjoy.


THIS PACK REQUIRES OPTIFINE: This pack does require Optifine, so make sure you download it for the version of Minecraft your downloading the texture pack for. For example, if your playing Minecraft 1.16.5 then download my texture pack for 1.16.5, and Optifine for 1.16.5


TEXTURES AND MODEL NOT SHOWING UP? You just need to go to options>video settings>quality> turn ON custom items.


NO BACKWORDS UPDATES: I will not be uploading this texture pack for versions below 1.16.2 but if you do plan on playing this for a previous version, then you are welcome to alter the pack once downloaded to allow you to play it for previous versions as long as you don't reupload it anywhere and claim credit for this pack design. Its very easy to change it. If you download my pack and open up the folder there will be a text document that tells you how to do it.


IF YOU WANT TO USE ON A MODPACK: If you plan on using this with mods on cursed forge, you will have to make sure you download Optifine for it and place it in the mods folder manually. Sounds complicated but here's a video link on how to do it! super easy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCfDJ7ZFB1c


Once you place it in the mods folder, you need to download the mod OptiFabric by Chocohead to allow it to work for your Fabric Modpack, and OptiForge by ZekerZhayard for your Forge mod pack. Just keep in mind OptiForge is only for 1.16.5 at the current moment, and OptiFabric is only for 1.17.1 at the current moment so unless they update what versions you can download OptiForge, and OptiFabric for, then your gonna have to stick with whats provided.




And lastly there is now a new hat called" hat names" added to the collection that now lets you see all the the hat names in game. You make it the same way you do with the other hats. Name a carved pumpkin in an anvil to "hat names"


  • brown hat
  • cake daddy
  • cowpoke hide
  • georgia devil
  • goat skin hat
  • hoglin hat
  • king trisekiel
  • legendary goat hood
  • mining helmet
  • mossy cap
  • phantom hide
  • plague cleric
  • plague doctor
  • sculk helsing
  • straw hat
  • van helsing


Tailored hats V2

bee hat
chicken cap
creeper hide hat
donkey hide hood
ender dragon hide hat
enderman hide hat
fox hide hat
guardian eye mask
horse skull mask
iron golem mask
log hood
moobloom hide
mooshroom hide
ocelot hide hood
pillager hat
platypus cap
polar bear hood
pufferfish hide
ravager hat
salmon scaled hat
wither skull hat
zombie horse hood
hat names
adventure time



spectacles m

spectacles f


tuff golem mask
copper golem mask
glare hide hat
sniffer hide hat
archeology hat green
archeology hat blue
archeology hat tan
sunny hat
zuri hat
ari hat
steve hat
alex hat
noor hat
makena hat
efe hat
camera eye implant
flight helmet
flight helmet2
dripleaf widebrim
gast mask
warden hide hat

hat names (updated)