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Stormilla is a large Vanilla+ pack that fixes tons of bugs and adds quality of life enhancements and tweaks with attention to detail. I have my core design principles listed below if you are interested in the absolute specifics of what this pack aims to do. I also plan on splitting some desirable features from this pack up into their own smaller packs that take one concept and make it more compatible with just the base vanilla pack. Enjoy!


Design Principles:

- Fix Inconsistencies, fix every texture and model bug a resource pack can fix and also logical inconsistencies.
- Art Style Consistency, Minecraft's current default pack isn't entirely consistent. Some models and textures look old whether they be over-detailed, under-detailed, have a messy color palette or are just a different art style. some of these are on purpose such as diamond ore and the creeper due to their iconic look but I will still be updating those too anyway.
- Pixel Consistency, most of the game is already pixel consistent. There are just a few textures that have a different resolution compared to a block. If the pixels are not the same size as the ones on a normal block then it will be fixed if possible.
- Less Uniformity, most textures that are simply a recolor of an existing texture will be made more unique like the ore changes in 1.17 (as of right now, exceptions are things like wood planks, concrete, and terracotta.)
- Palette Consistency, textures of the same material will have the same or a similar color palette (with possibly some exceptions such as iron block and anvil).
- Unflatten Textures, some textures look too flat in shading and that will get changed to add some extra depth.
- Parity, Bedrock and java will be as similar as a resource pack allows.
- Slightly More Realism, some things will be more realistic while not sacrificing the feel of vanilla.
- New Item Models, many items have a consistency problem like with the cauldron being 2D and composter 3D. They have no reason to be different. Some items also simply use the flat block texture instead of having a dedicated item texture. I'll be changing both of these.
- Vanilla Building Blocks, I may make tweaks to them but I will not be drastically changing them. I don't want your builds to look too different with this pack on.



Some features require OptiFine or Fabric/Quilt equivalents, pack still works without it however.
Pack utilizes: Emissive Textures, Custom Entity Models, Random Entities, Custom Colors, Custom Items (and supports Connected Textures). Make sure these are on for all features to work.


Stormilla Villa Discord Server
For pack announcements, leave feedback, exclusive previews, occasional beta releases, help



Dark Mode (UI)

Fading Enchantment Glint


Features from this pack in their own packs:
No Z-Fighting

Door Tweaks

Shelves GUI


Napstatoast: Texture Artist and Modeler

TrailerOctopus: Some emissive textures, Leather Overalls (modified), XP Bottle (modified)
Vanilla Tweaks: Proper Break Particles (modified), Iron Bars Fix, Corrected Item Holding (modified). Inspiration for Flint Tipped Arrows and Unlit Redstone Ore

Insanial: Inspiration for Right Doors Lighting Fix
Complementary Reimagined: Shaders used in preview screenshots

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