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STONEBORN is a simple and unique UI overhaul inspired by fantasy media. Easy on the eyes, lightly ornamented and stylistically cohesive, it should suit any playthrough, whether vanilla or modded.


It's dangerous out there, so take STONEBORN on your next adventure!

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    • Please DO NOT rehost the pack files, whether on Planet Minecraft, CurseForge, or any other hosting or forum pages. If you should need to refer or link another to the pack, link them to this CurseForge page.
    • Please DO NOT claim ownership or pass the pack off as your own. If you should need to refer or link the pack elsewhere, please provide the appropriate credit to me (Sindavar).
    • You may create or edit assets in the pack for compatibility with other
      mod's UIs. However, these resourcepacks must only contain the bundled assets for the mod it is replacing, and cannot contain the base
      STONEBORN texturepack. (Your mod support pack should need to load on top of STONEBORN in game)
    • You may host these packs as you want, but please link back the
      STONEBORN page as a dependency and add all appropriate credits to me.
    • You may not bundle STONEBORN with another resourcepack, and rehost it on CurseForge, or anywhere else. I understand the convenience this may offer for servers and the like, however it takes away from my revenue and downloads on this page.
    • You may edit or create assets for STONEBORN for PERSONAL USE, and these edited files may not be rehosted in any form.
    • If you are unsure about any of these terms or have any questions regarding rehosting or editing the pack, please contact me. If you happen across any rehosting or miscrediting, or any breaches of the above terms, please let me know.

Developer Notes:


  • I am always looking to improve my work, so suggestions for the pack are always welcome.
  • Using languages other than English may result in some text elements not appearing.
  • The pack will (hopefully) be maintained for future Minecraft versions past 1.17. The pack will not support older versions.
  • Feel free to post any issues you encounter in the comments below, and thank you so much for your interest :)
  • Questions? DM me on discord or ask in the discord server!
    - Sindavar

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