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Spryzeen's Healthbars allow you to show how much health do mobs have, Never killed accidentaly a villager or pet because you didn't know they have low health It's also very useful to know how much health the mobs with which you are fighting have


  • Healthbars are emissive, mean you can see it glow in the dark
  • This resourcepack uses vanilla core-shaders to improve some features and fix some other bugs
  • Healthbars have an animation that gives a 2D apparence
  • Supports minimal changes for mobs that has a lot of life, You can see a change in the health bar just attacking an iron golem with your hand


You need EMF or Optifine for this resource pack but i highly recommend to use EMF instead of optifine because you can use it with sodium to get a better perfomance and optifine takes so long to release a new versión and patch bugs

if you use optifine open game menu, go to "Options" > "Video Setting" > "Quality.." and turn ON these settings:

  • Custom Entity Models
  • Emissive Textures
  • Random Entities

Vanilla Core-Shaders dependency

Shaders are being used to patch some bugs like:

  • Healthbars turns red when you hit a mob
  • Tropical fish colors overlay healthbar colors too

If you use this pack with shaders like BSL, Complementary, Chocapic ETC, because you will lose those features but if you want... you can, health bars will still work

Known Issues

  • Healthbar animation for squid don't works, it looks very bad without that and i decided just don't support squid/glow squid
  • Some mobs don't have an accurate 2D animation mean... healthbar can rotate slightly wrongly
  • This resourcepack don't works on OPTIFINE HD_U_I6_pre1 so please use version HD_U_I5