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Sombre is a retake on the default resource pack, but with a gloomy twist. Featuring darker woods, not so bright colours and a more teal based GUI


Most blocks have been altered and those that haven't already fit the theme. Textures are being edited regularly to fit in better with the theme of the pack. Some of the textures haven't had a face lift yet, this is down to them already being gloomy or already fitting in well. I plan to redo the villager textures to fit better but they are taking more time then I expected. 



The pack consists of emissive textures, custom gui and connected glass. ( Optifine is needed if you want the connected glass and emissive textures but works fine without. )


1.14 - Complete

1.15 - Complete

1.16 - Complete

1.17 - 75%


To do


Tidy up Flowers

Lava Texture redo

Mob textures that are untouched

Redo Hostile Mobs


  • Scarier mobs
  • Emissive Textures - including ores! Easy to spot in the dark
  • Custom GUI Colour
  • Food has gone bad, Rotten food is all you've got!
  • Custom bed designs
  • Armor textures have been changed
  • Many more new textures to explore!