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1.15 Version is out! Use the OptiFine Preview releases.

Soboku is a minimalistic/simplistic texture pack. Basically like any other minimalist texture pack but with a slightly different style and a few extra features.
This texture pack was previously named MistyCraft, but I decided to change it to Soboku (simplistic in Japanese, I know I know, very pretentious). For clarity, the last version named MistyCraft was v5.1, and the first version to be named Soboku is v0.6 Beta.


- All textures changed (all blocks, items, mobs, entities, UI, and particles)
- Bushier leaves, similar to Better Foliage mod

- 3D models for some non-full blocks (made to be seamless and not eye-catching)
If you don't like the 3D models or they're too heavy for your PC, the Lite version has all the other features except the 3D models.

- OptiFine connected textures for all types of glass, sandstone and bookshelves

- Randomized textures for grass bushes, sugar cane, and other blocks

- Glowing Redstone textures and glowing Enderman and Phantom eyes

- Glowing skeleton, zombie, and spider eyes that spawned below level Y 18 (looks awesome with shaders)

- Colored lightmap (based on SCUR's)

Since most textures on this pack were made years ago, I had to redo them since they looked awful. I didn't playtest this pack as much as I should so please report bugs/weird stuff in the comment section or Issues section. Thanks a lot for the support on this, it's been amazing.