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[Requires Optifine]

[For Fabric Users:]





[Instructions, Lists, & Micro-Packs Available Inside The Pack Zip File]

This military pack are some assets from the Player Mob Models Pack. It contains simple modern military stuff, like weapons, mobs & stuff


This pack contains Guns, Tanks, Soldiers, and bandits, and to obtain guns & vehicles, you can rename bow into weapons listed inside the pack file and it will change the appearance, from an ak47 into maybe an m4a1 or mdr rifle, and also, using nametags, you can rename the horse into 4 types of war vehicles and 5 types of colors, lists are also found inside the pack file. Example: rename bow to "Nugget MDR" or "Nugget Cheytac", and rename horse with nametag "Green Tank", "Desert Cruiser" or "Snow Carrier".


Although, alot of packs tend to make the vehicle models and textures more realistic, i choose to make the designs more "Mojang-ish", hence, Simple Military Soldiers Resource pack... Its definitely not because I'm amateurish at texturing... But it would make sense to make it more mojang style since most are realistic packs, this pack is "what if Mojang added modern military" kind of style, i am still improving and still making changes that will make sure everything is in vanilla style.






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