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13,396 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 31, 2023 Game Version: 1.19.3  

 Hello :)  This is a photo-realistic lastest version Java pack. It's been modified a few times now from Java to Bedrock and back to Java again lol. 

All blocks, items, mobs, particles, animals everything except  all the containers which have been left to default . 

I've noticed that Optifine is making it crash for me. I've created it not using Optifine I find it looks and runs great without it 





I've started a Christmas addon pack for this one here




About the pack:


Put the clouds on fast option.


All the animals are cute and friendly looking and the mobs/monsters are somewhat scary.


This pack is awesome for, an old world story or a hand crafted DIY in nature theme, natural logs, old rustic planks,old stones and bricks.

It works well with medieval castles, camping, off the grid, cottages and log cabins in the woods anything back to nature.

All the glazed terracotta have been modified into more planks and the concrete into more stones and bricks.



Thank you :)



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