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13,356 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 30, 2014 Game Version: 1.7.10

Sheep-based PvP pack made by WeeHeeHee V2.60 - Fullbright Fixed!

Official release video:

Wool block demonstration:

For a combination of this and PrimeCraft 7x7 Faithful, visit PrimeCraft 7x7 Custom.


  • Slightly modified audio files
  • Sheep-themed GUI tweaks
  • Reduced fire texture (Small hearts)
  • Sheep-based diamond armor
  • Diamond helmet comes with sheep mask
  • Potion particles are colored hearts
  • Critical hit particles are sheep
  • Health and hunger are sheep faces and wheat
  • Custom bow (High-energy shears with animation!)
  • Custom swords (Diamond sword is wheat, for breeding, and iron sword is a big shear blade!)
  • Moon and Sun become sheep faces
  • Arrows are beams of energy (Good for piercing hearts)
  • Connected & Random glass
  • New splash messages
  • Miscellaneous sheep-themed blocks
  • Connected redstone wire

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