RTX 16x for Java: Mod Support addon (Cohesion)

Resource Packs
2,092 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 4, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.1   +1

Biomes o' Plenty - mud

Mud looks wet

Buzzier Bees - honeycomb blocks

All Honeycomb blocks are shiny in the same way

Quark - iron

Iron Plates and other blocks are all shiny

Autumnity - pumpkins

Large Pumkins in Autumnity have consistent mapping with the regular ones

Slimy blocks

Vanilla and Quark Slime Blocks and other slimy blocks from other mods are consistently slimy

Biomes o' Plenty - nether crystal

Nether Crystals are reflective

Tweaks - planks

Planks and Quark Vertical Planks were changed to be less 3D: consistent with the rest of the textures

Tweaks - snow

Subtle reflective spots were added to Snow blocks

Tweaks - respawn anchor

The Respawn Anchor now has consistent specular mapping with Crying Obsidian

Tweaks - sponge

Wet Sponge was made to look wetter than regular Sponge

Tweaks - stonecutter

The Stonecutter now has a shiny blade

Polished Stones

All Polished Stones from Vanilla and from other mods are consistenly reflective

Quark - permafrost

The Permafrost blocks are not as reflective as Ice blocks, but they are reflective


The Wetstones from the mod of the same name look wet compared to their "dry" counterparts

Neapolitan - ice cream

Ice Cream blocks with PBR, added in 1.1


Vanilla and Biomes O' Plenty Sand and Sandstone blocks have consistent shadows