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Bellum Omnium

Bellum Omnium, the old Real Photo Realism is the new and improved version with darker feel and a totally new and fresh look.Bellum Omnium means "The War" in Latin, because of the new medieval feel chosen it needed a name change didn't it?

I started this project back in 2012 when I was only 12 years old...I simply wanted a nice and realistic pack for me and my friends to use, that fits my tastes and needs.That's where it all started, first i uploaded it to Curse, people were downloading it and I got into continuing this pack.I've done this for like 7 months then I stopped, I felt tired and updating this was not as easy as you think...Then, with updates coming fast my old computer wasn't supporting such a high resolution anymore, so that made me stop for a long while, without any reasons released whatsoever. I found out about Curse Rewards a long time after that, I think I could make enough money for actually buying a new computer so I started working again on it (mostly) in secret, the new formats were hard and I was not in the mood of doing it, but I continued.

Today thirteen of December I state that "I will release a new update until the Christmas day! "


Q:Where I post my suggestions? A: If you have any suggestion about mods and such say in the ticket tracker!

Q:Can I make a video a video with it? A: If you want to make us a video with it you are free to do it!

Q:Can I use the textures in my own texture pack? A: NO! Q:Why? A: Cause you don't have rights for the textures made by me!

Q:Why the textures are looking so ugly? A: You need to use McPatcher 1.Download it! 2.Run it! 3.Click Patch! 4.ENJOY!

Any positive criticisms or suggestions are always welcome and appreciated however!

An Image:

FPS for a single core computer with MCPatcher installed and no Optifine at 1280x1024 full screen and full options:


Thank You for support!