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Rodrigo's Pack - Get into a cartoon and colorful world in 8x8!

Simplistic texture pack with vibrant colors and grid-like look, including all these features:

  • Connected textures for glass, logs, wool and more (+200 textures, mod required)
  • Custom lightmap for the overworld, the nether and the end (mod required)
  • Custom sky and fog colors (mod required)
  • Custom loading screen (mod required)
  • Custom block models for slabs, stairs, fences and more (+200 models)
  • Custom sounds when shooting bows, eating food and more
  • Custom squared font for all popular languages
  • Custom colormap for foliage
  • And much more!

Current progress

This texture pack was discontinued around 2021 since it's style was a limiting factor for newer Minecraft versions including way more detailed blocks, making it difficult to differentiate each block of what they are with this kind of texture pack style, so please don't expect updates for it

You can try Smoube as well for something more updated and with a less "blocky" style

Official websites

If you see this texture pack published anywhere else, it's because it was stolen to post unofficial, outdated or even malicious content. Please contact me if you see this content published in sites outside of the official ones

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