R4VEN: The Revival of Stock32

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1,632 Downloads Last Updated: May 7, 2017 Game Version: 1.12-Snapshot

NOTE: This pack is INCOMPLETE! It will not contain textures for every block, item, or GUI in Minecraft. It will eventually be complete and support a few mods.

Also, feel free to use it in any videos you want, just be sure to credit me and put a link to this webpage!

ALL ITEMS completed!
~80% of BLOCKS completed!
~90% of GUIs completed!

Thanks to the following people:
EltrutLikes for compiling the entire thing
Turtla for the elytra entity textures
Eleazzar for inspiration (Lithos)
Eum3 for GUI (Eum3's Faithful PvP Edit)
TheXyrin for fire
Vattic for the Eum3's PvP Edit base (Faithful)
MrVizzy for the updated version of the base (Faithful Vanilla)
Mrgts for connected glass panes (Connected Glass 2)
ShockingShots for connected glass blocks (Connected Glass)
Dack105 for the main bulk of the pack (Stock32)
d3fin3d for "ascii" textures (HD font)
Ghost2 for paintings (HDpaintings)
qmagnet for the Minecraft Testing Map
Anon10W1z for the inspiration to edit my License
TinyPNG for a wonderful PNG compressor (TinyPNG)
SLembas for some textures (Default 32x32)
Raylway for inspiration
IStealyourRAM for glazed terracotta and vex texture
matrist for magma block
RobloxianRoblox for stray overlay
TheCrackaJacka for zombie villagers

The original creator of this pack was Dack105, in his quest to create textures containing more detail than Faithful, but still 32x. This pack was called Stock32, but was soon discontinued. I, EltrutLikes, continue his work to completely recreate the pack he would've wanted. | This pack contains things for everyone: straight redstone, reduced fire, clear glass, and Optifine support. | To avoid missing updates, click on the 'Follow' button located at the top right and tick 'File Updates'. | Check out the pictures! :)


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