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Alternate Textures and Xmas Addon not included in this download, to get them go to the downloads section of The 4R Craft Thread on the official Minecraft Forums



For Alternate Textures and the Xmas Addon head to The 4R Craft Thread on MinecraftForums

4R Craft is a 6 year long project I've been doing in my spare time to learn texture design and become better as an artist. The goal was to make a an expansive texture pack with plenty of alternate textures to choose from to make it your own adventure!

Hope you have fun experiencing 4R Craft!


I'd like to give thanks to the following:
Rhodox for inspiration to start making textures in the first place
Doku for inspiration and the nerve to insult 16x texture packs (Hehe)

Alvoria for answering so many of my questions before I even asked.
Steelfeathers for constant inspiration

XSSheep and macadamia238 for input/feedback/help
corner_g for support and advice

insomniac_lemon for the amazing clock and compass de-stitcher for Gimp. Thank you!

QMagnet for his amazing test world
And you!