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Official Quark artwork for the cancelled feature

Quark Vanilla Resource Overrides, also known as Quark VRO or QVRO, is the port of a cancelled feature from Quark into a resourcepack, which can be used either with Quark on Forge, or purely on vanilla, mod-less Minecraft.

This is the Java Edition version, for the Bedrock Edition version go in here.



What about the chest? / What is QVRO - Oak Chest?


Quark VRO doesn't touch the vanilla Chests at all by default. Players, however, might want their vanilla Chests to look like the Oak Chests from the Quark mod, especially in their vanilla playthroughs. An addon pack, meant to be played together with the regular pack (above, in the resourcepack order), QVRO - Oak Chest, is provided under "Additional Files" beneath every new release of the pack.


 I just want the shield! / What is QVRO - Subtler Shields?


The main Quark VRO pack has a "Subtler Shields" feature, which increases visibility when holding a shield. For those who want only this feature and not necessarily the rest of the pack, the addon pack, QVRO - Subtler Shields, is also provided under "Additional Files" beneath every new release of the pack. Note that, unlike with QVRO - Oak Chest, the contents of Subtler Shields are also available in the main releases.

What is QVRO Legacy?

Since Quark VRO version 1.7.1, which added compatibility for 1.20.2+, files for game releases before 1.20 have been renamed to "QVRO Legacy". For releases before said game release, resourcepacks had to be updated for every new game release to maintain full compatibility, which is not needed anymore. This means Quark VRO can now have a single, central pack, that needs to be updated much less to still be compatible with the game for the foreseeable future. The older, Legacy versions might still recieve updates if need be, but they aren't fully supported anymore.

All credits go to the original Quark creators, especially MCVinnyq, the creator of most of the textures present in this pack, Endergy, creator of the chest textures, MushirMickeyJoe for the Bedrock piston model recreation, and Farcr, creator of the furnace bottom textures.
Permission from Vazkii, Quark's creator, to create this resourcepack is in the Images section.


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