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Legend Texture Pack

Legend is an immersive survival experience
that keeps the original Minecraft essence, while adding beauty and readability.


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Legend is designed for the survival player. Explosions are more intense, critical hits have more impact, and your equipment looks more dangerous. Each suit of armor you make looks finely crafted, and you can feel the protection it bestows.

New Armor Models

Minecraft Armor Items - Legend


New & Improved Armor!

Minecraft Legend Landscape

Fighting Magma Cubes

Legend Ender Dragon


All items have been reworked to be pleasing to the eye and are now easier to identify.

Crafting a Diamond Sword


Redstone connections are easier to see. Repeaters and comparators are smoother so you can concentrate on your circuitry. Hopper direction can easily be seen from above: in this hopper clock both hoppers face into each other.

Redstone Hopper Clock


The health bar on hardcore mode has a gold fringe, both as a badge of merit and also as a reminder of the value of your one life. Regeneration is also more visible.

Legend Crimson Forest

Note: Screenshots and icons may be out of date. It is best for you to just download and try it out in your world. Also, if you have a great screenshot, I would love to see it! Send it to me and I will showcase it.

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