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-3 Music Disc (11, Cat, Chirp) song changes

-3 Re-Textured Paintings

-Jukebox animation

-Grass texture simplification

-Wood planks texture simplification

-Logs texture simplification

-Sun Texture change

-Dirt texture change

-Glass Re-Texturing/Revamping

-Re-Textured panorama (Menu Background)

-Logo Texture change

-GUI Re-Coloring

-Minecart Re-Texturing

-Rail Re-Texturing

-Redstone torch texture change

-Redstone dust texture change (W.I.P. ~75% COMPLETE){Need to change texture for unpowered variant}

-Redstone Repeater texture change

-Redstone comparator texture change

-Piston Texture Change

-Sticky Piston Texture Change

-Fence Texture simplification

-Fence Gate Texture simplification

-Dog collar Re-Texturing (I messed this up but I'm keeping it {for now} because it took me a long time to create the texture)

-Iron ore texture change

-Iron Block texture change

-Iron Pressure Plate texture change

-Brewing Stand Re-Texturing

-Normal Potion bottle Re-Texturing

-Item Frame Re-Texturing

-Chain Command Block Re-Texturing (Needs to be re-done)

-Lapis Lazuli Re-Texturing (+ animation!!)

-Gold ore Re-Texturing

-Pumpkin Texture change (No more face {But the jack o' lantern/carved pumpkin does have the face} 

Also, possible pumpkin Texture simplification)

-Options background Re-Texturing
-Custom Splash Texts(!!)


~~Well, I think I've covered all of the implemented features. Now, I go over the planned ones.(!!)~~


-Some type of block texture changed to a road texture

-Lever Re-Texturing

-Stained Glass Re-Texturization

-MOAR paintings

-More Splash Texts

-More Items Re-Textured

~~~More to be added soon!!~~~


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