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Wanted to make a proper note about this. I've been busy IRL with my job and also working on a lot of texture/model commissions for Empires SMP, so I haven't had a lot of time/energy to work on updating my packs. Rest assured they haven't been abandoned, but it's going to take me a bit to get everything up to date. Sorry about the delay. :(


The customizable version with Alex arm support is still in the works and will be out at a later date. Sorry for the delay.





UPDATE: One user got in touch with me and found that the problem went away after reinstalling Minecraft, and then re-downloading the resource pack. Give this a try if you're having issues (back up your saves and other content if necessary!) 


So I'm not sure why, but it looks like texture files are being deleted from some people's downloads. Right now I have no idea if it's Curseforge doing this, or if some people's anti-virus software might be falsely detecting some of the texture files as malicious and deleting them. 


Still in the process of figuring this out but in the meantime if your pack is broken, send me a PM and I can try giving you an alternate download link. 




THIS PACK REQUIRES OPTIFINE IN ORDER TO WORK as it relies on Optifine's Custom Entity Model features.


 Preview of the new villager textures:



Player Villager Models is an Optifine resource pack that uses CEM to replace the models of Villagers, Zombie Villagers, Illagers, and Witches, with player models. The models re-create player walking and idle animations in order to make them feel more like NCPs you would find in a mod or even actual players.


This resource pack's models follow the 1.8 "steve" skin format so you can use any skin you would like with them. There's also a premade mcpatcher mob folder in the pack so you can easily add new skin variants. (A general guide on alternate mob textures can be found here.)



Just install it as you would any other resource pack, and run Minecraft with the right OptiFine profile.


Terms of Use:

Anyone is free to use the models themselves in this pack as long as they credit me (SixFootBlue) and provide a link back to this pack. 

I ask however that you avoid using my base textures, and instead create your own.